Contribution to Learning: Leading Organization Change (5304)

The journey thus far has been a whirlwind of a ride. I use the term whirlwind to reflect my understanding of the 4DX framework of executing change. The last 8 weeks have proven to test both my character and my strength as an educator and leader within my community. Through the Digital Learning and Leading program, I am constantly being pushed by the strengths of my professors and peers alike. There’s always a next level to each of them that I am striving to reach. It is a privilege to work with them and go beyond my limits as a person to excel in ways I never thought possible. 

Core Group: Wayne, Bianca, Alicia, Nahaira, Pedro, Colby, Robin, Lindsey, Brianna, Amanda, & Caitlyn

Throughout this course, I found myself contributing less due to being caught up in the whirlwind When I was able to contribute, I made sure that my peers had adequate resources and tools to their disposal. By creating summarization photographs of our readings or even a compilation of notes that prove to be helpful. I will immediately give these to my peers so that they can have access to these resources. While not much, this have proven helpful to them.

I know that the coming courses will prove challenging. And as I make this reflection, I know that I must be ready for the next level that each of my peers are already striving for.

Link to E-Portfolio: ABC Coding Initiative

Self-Assessment Score: 85%

I assessed my self this grade due to missing several peer sessions with my group and being caught in the whirlwind.