Contribution to Learning: Assessing Digital Learning and Instruction (5315) & Resources for Digital Environments (5317)

Four semesters down and I truly believe that I would not be as far as I am now without the help of each of my amazing team members…

The Dream Team

  • Bianca Charles
  • Vonn Miller
  • Lindsey Wallace
  • Wayne Wilson

Each of them have helped in ways I that I appreciate so much. From reviewing each other’s work, to wisdom and advice in the field. Each of us have made a lasting mark on each other.

Consistent Collaboration

Wayne & Bianca have been the partners I have done the most collaboration with since starting the program. Support doesn’t quite quantify the role they’ve played these last few months in the ADL program. Vonn’s expertise in the field has always proven to be one of the best insights as develop and improve on my innovation plan.

Peer Feedback on Professional Journal Article

The hardest part about writing a professional journal article was the writing. I wasn’t sure how to approach it or what type of format would be ideal. Ironically, my essay spent several pages for it to qualify as a journal article instead of a blog post. A comment that Wayne observed as well. The writing was the most challenging aspect of producing a professional journal paper. I wasn’t sure how to go about approaching it or what format would be best. My piece, ironically, took several pages to qualify as a journal paper rather than a blog post. Wayne had commented on it as well. My classmates’ feedback has enabled me to understand both my grammatical and structural faults better. I struggle with the APA format to a considerable extent because I’ve been writing in MLA format for so long. Most notably, from Lindsey and the passive voice in which I express myself. One of the more significant changes I intend to make before submitting my final copy is restructuring those sentences in active voice. Initial publication guidelines were not included in my document for Wayne. Which is a crucial step that I hadn’t realized I’d overlooked. Bianca was the one who helped me the most with my grammar and spelling mistakes in my first draft. Her insight was instrumental in fixing several of the errors I made during my second and third rereads. Finally, Anna’s critique of my draft revealed that I had more to offer. That’s why, for the final draft, I’ve included a section that discusses how teaching computer science skills early on can lead to a range of various job opportunities in the future.

Action Research

As part of my innovation plan, the action research I conduct will serve as a foundation for future computer science educators. My goal is to help people grasp the complexities of PBL and how to use PBL in the Computer Science classroom. The implementation of Mobile Application Development with a PBL framework can be adapted and evolved by teachers in their classrooms as time continues.

Preparation for the Media “Podcast” Project

Final Reflections

As I approach my final two courses in the ADL Masters program, I find myself reflecting more on how much I’ve grown since our start back in January. One night, during a clarification conversation with Wayne, he remarked how much I was helping the group this year, given how busy he is as a teacher and coach. I laughed in shock! Not because he had said something wrong. At the start of the program, I depended on him and others to understand half of what was required. He told me that night that, over time, we truly began to help each other and as we advanced in the program. I took a more active position in my assignments this year. I thought I was sending my work to my peers for feedback, but I had no idea I was supporting them, and getting my work done aided many who were stretched thin owing to life’s whirlwind. This was the moment for me that showed how much we had a positive impact on each other’s lives.
I am currently learning from each experience. The learner who began the ADL program and the graduate who will receive their diploma in December 2021 are two different people. I’m proud of the learner and teacher I’ve become. My experiences thus far have pushed me over my limits in ways I didn’t anticipate. The next step in my growth development journey is to finish strong, update my websites, and compile all of the knowledge I’ve gained thus far.

“December 18, 2021… Graduation Day is slowly approaching.”

Jarrett Lindsey

Personal Grade: 95%