Action Research Outline

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Why am I doing Action Research

The goal of my innovation plan is to use Project-Based Learning (PBL) in a Computer Science coding environment where students are to learn and develop a mobile application as part of a year long class project. The students of my high school loved the idea of doing application development. However, we didn’t have the resources needed to undergo this venture. Through work with the innovation plan, i have learned that deeper action research will help us to understand how best to implement PBL within the classroom or after school setting. The research conducted within the first year of my Innovation Plan will serve as a solid foundational research for years to come.

My hypothesis is that incorporating a project-based learning model should improve retention of programming concepts given the learner focus on project creation within a years time. 

A Deeper Look at the Problem

Action Research Design

Literature Review Focus

My literature review will take data and information from various sources on how project-based learning (PBL) was successfully implemented in Computer Science classrooms across the country. I am looking to answer the following questions using my literature review. 

  1. How was PBL successfully implemented in the computer science classroom? 
  2. In what areas did not work with implementation of PBL in the computer science classroom? 
  3. What data was pertinent in both success and failure in the implementation of PBL in the computer science classroom?