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“Just what is Action Research?”

Action Research in a Nutshell

Action Research – sonya terborg

Action Research Outline

Research is an interactive process and requires effective planning and design. Using this Action Research Design Outline I was able to provide the structure and focus for an in depth literature review on my research. Additionally, I was able to use this as the foundation to fully develop my action research plan. 

Literature Review

My updated Literature Review on Project-Based Learning: A Study on PBL and its Effectiveness in the Computer Science Classroom.

Action Research Plan

All research is dedicated to the fulfillment of my innovation plan. I have developed a plan for dealing with the cultural aspects of organizational change and also developed a 4DX plan as a foundation for my innovation implementation strategy. Using backward design methods, I developed plans for the innovative learning enhancements you that I will implement in within my learning environment.

My Action Research Plan will bring this information together to best measure the effectiveness of my innovation plan.