Contribution to Learning: Instructional Design for Online Learning (5318) & Synthesis of Digital Learner and Leader (5320)

It is good to have an end to journe... - Ernest Hemingway - Quotes.Pub

Consistent Collaboration – “The Dream Team”

(A Special Tribute to my ADL Partners)

A special thank you to the amazing men and women below who have supported, motivated, and truly inspired me to grow during my ADL Journey. They have helped push the boundaries of what I am capable of and have been a constant source of motivation, inspiration, and guidance. Thank You So Much:

  • Bianca: Her expertise in the field of Agile Project Managment helped me to organize both myself and the design process for my innovation project. I never understand many of the terms until I watched Bianca’s innovation project grow during the course of this year. Agile and Scrum methodlogy are a vital part of her framework. Her learners will fill the expecation of “real-world application” as they advance through innovation idea.
  • Vonn: I may have said this before, but Vonn is part of the reason I developed my e-portfolio so quickly. It helped that our innovation plans are rooted in Apple classroom-based initiatives. Vonn’s technical expertise provided a much-needed technical comprehension in so many Apple-related areas. More than that, his corporate level experince was great buffer between the two worlds (eductional and corporate) that most of come from.
  • Lindsey: Bringing STEM into the classroom is what brought me and Lindsey together during the course of the ADL program. Lindsey’s research on multiple occasions helped me to find ideas that made me a better teacher overall. I only scracthed the sruface area of my early research and she helped direct me in many postive directions towards the ideas I have now.
  • Wayne: “Mr. Wilson” (and honstly everyone above) is a very creative and unique in his approach(s) towards our various assignments. When I started the program, I thought to myself, If I can work that hard, than my work wont be so bad. In truth, this comparison was just what I needed to bring the creativity out of me. Seeing a man who claims he hasnt been a student in 30 years shine the way he did. “Insipring”, just doesnt cut it as a word.

My contribution to learning is a result of each of my experiences learning with them. By extension, I am a reflection of the best parts of what I learned from them. This is how they contributed to my learning and how grateful I am to them.

The Final Assignments – “My Contribution…”

As the program approaches its conclusion, I began to shine as a student and a leader. Working hard in each of my work areas allowed me to provide the greatest service to my peers. Even as I type this, I’m working on finishing my project in order to set the tone and aid any of my classmates who may require assistance. They have aided me during the tumultuous year of 2021. The greatest approach for me to say thank you is to provide them with a strong example that they can utilize to complete their own work.

Final Reflections

Graduation is rapidly approaching. There are so many things I can type, record, say, do, or publish that putting them all into words is difficult. I am not the same teacher that began this program. I am a learner who hopes to encourage others to enjoy learning as much as I do. I am a leader and, on occasion, a wise follower who is constantly learning about his faults (both personal and intellectual) on a regular basis. Most importantly, I am a lifelong seeker of knowledge who will nurture new ideas in a world that is constantly evolving.

“December 18, 2021 at 2:00pm… Graduation Day is fast approaching.”

Jarrett Lindsey

Personal Grade: 100%

I assessed myself this grade due to constantly staying at the forefront of my work and providing my peers with an example or organizational structure to aid them as we advance forward.

Mr. Jarrett Lindsey, M.Ed. in Applied Digital Learning