Digital Communication and Collaboration

My Innovation Plan’s purpose is to combine Project Based Learning and Mobile Application Development in the Computer Science classroom to provide students with opportunities to explore learning that has value and significance while learning about computer science.

Throughout my ADL journey, I’ve realized how critical it is to provide learners with choice, ownership, voice through significant learning environments (COVA-SLE). Learners need their lessons connected to meaningful real-world experiences and applications. Through entrepreneurship and application design, students will have a chance to apply their skills in design meaningful applications that can fulfill a need within their world.

Media Project

Being a part of a podcast was truly an amazing experience. Discussing the leading questions below gave a much deeper insight into the minds of fellow educators.

  1. What are the most significant challenges educators and education are facing today? Why? And how can we combat that?
  2. How does student’s voice and choice play a role in your plan?
  3. How will your innovation plan help prepare students to be global citizens?
  4. What is the best educational technology professional learning you have experienced? Why? 
  5. In a perfect world, how do you imagine your innovation plan expanding? No budgetary restrictions and whatever you need

One of the most important things I took away from the podcast was question 3, when one of my classmates mentioned the need of raising good citizens, not just global citizens. Students are being prepared to become good citizens, productive members of society, and tax payers. My classmates’ comments reminded me that, while our ideas are large, we must stay focused on our aim of building a long-term beneficial relationship with our students. One that inspires them to strive to be excellent contributing members of society.


My publication will focus on investigative research in the field of computer science education and why or how computer science can become a core requirement for students to graduate.

  1. What is the topic of your article? 
    • Why isn’t computer programming education regarded a core course(s) within the framework of our current educational system, given the status of the country and its ongoing rise in technology? 
  1. What is the connection to your innovation plan or initiative? 
    • Apple Mobile Application Development incorporated into a Project-Based Learning approach within an after-school program is the innovation plan I’ve chosen to implement. 
    • Programming is made up of many different elements. Application development is just one of them. Students who have access to computer science curriculum can reshape the educational landscape by providing them with marketable skills they can use outside of the classroom. With a focus on application design, project-based learning provides students with a learner-centered approach to entrepreneurship and creative innovation. 
  1. How can this information help others? 
    • WeTeach CS has been in the forefront of integrating computer science education to schools and providing resources to educators. This research will serve as a foundation for incorporating computer science into the core curriculum of student education in the future. 
  1. Lessons learned or hoped to learn? 
    • By writing this article, I hope that educators will have a better understanding of the potential of computer science as a fundamental requirement and the benefits that early exposure to computer science can provide for our students. 
    • It is my aim that by publishing this essay, educators would also have a better grasp of how important it is for students to use Project Based Learning tools in combination with application development. 
  1. What digital resources will be included in your article? Briefly describe. 
    • I’m still debating which resource I’d like to use the most right now. While I am aware that Google applications are excellent, my experience with Office Suite has been perforable. Several options have been worked out that will be explored as I get closer to the final product. 
  2. The message you hope to communicate: 
    • Computer science is the future’s blueprint. More than English and Math are required for students to be prepared to enter the world we live in. Advanced software and technological expertise can help young people break into fields outside of college. Providing long-term chances for kids to learn skills that have the potential to change their life.