Final Reflections

Ms. Moshin

This year was certainly a challenging one to take on something new. The tumultuous nature of a year filled with quarantines, switches between online, face-to-face, and hybrid learning, and social-emotional challenges for students made it hard to find the best approach to implementing a project. Once we settled on a good plan, I think the project went a long way to benefit me as a teacher and my students. Ultimately, my students really enjoyed working with and learning about Apple devices through their projects. The project allowed them to set their own pace of work, experiment and have fun with Numbers and Keynote, and learn how their peers have been feeling. I noticed that students were making better connections with class material and each other. They were blown away with the powerful tools for mathematics within Numbers, and loved the creativity they could showcase in Keynote. For me as a teacher, I think this project allowed me to grow in my utilization of blended learning in a way I never would have expected. Most of this year has been about taking my teaching strategies and adapting them to an online or social distanced environment. Being in the cohort allowed me to imagine a new and creative way to use technology to help students better understand mathematics, and helped me grow my skills in a way I know I will use for years to come. As we look to the future, I am so excited to take what I have learned and continue having my students better understand their community using the Apple devices!

Mr. Lindsey

By using various Apple products such as MacBooks, iPad, and Apple Software, students could broaden their understanding of the community around them. Reaching the endpoint was challenging to the last. Countless delays, COVID barriers, on-campus and off-campus support all played a hand in holding back the success of this project. We honestly didn’t think it would get off the ground.

Despite all the challenges that came our way, our students were able to learn new skills that could apply in countless future endeavors. As the students were able to sit together and brainstorm the initial steps of the project, we say their minds light up with enthusiasm. At the moment, we knew we could do this. COVID-19 taught us that perseverance is key to the challenging aspects of life. It takes time to make change happen, but if our goals are reasonable, the universe will move mountains for us. We only needed to be patient. Right now, we do not know that opportunities lie ahead of us, but knowing that we put our best foot forward is what will carry us into the future.

We Thank You & Appreciate All You Have Done!

Thank You Apple, Lamar University and Houston Community College!