Student Findings

From the student research, we found that COVID-19 has affected students in various ways. With the data, students showed that their overall interest and morale in school was low. Some students, even high achieving students felt that the work efforts simply didn’t matter in the long run. Most seniors fell they are more unprepared for the future now than previous years. The change in environment completed altered the state of wellbeing in the minds of students and teachers.

One of the larger points of growth this year came from the surprising response to time management within the COVID-19 world. A great many students reported that they had to focus more than usual on getting their work in a timely manner. This saw an overall increase in time management across the board. Most students saying, “I was up until passed 11 to get my work in.” Students showed that the 11:59 deadline was more effective for them and gave them a better felling of getting their work done as opposed to the standard in class deadlines.

To conclude, most students are looking forward to summer vacation. Mostly to figure out what the next step is in the COVID-19 world.