The Dream Team of ADL consisting of the best and brightest in the areas of education, adminstration, research, creative design and leadership…

Combining our knowledge we sat down together and discussed not only the future of educational technology, but the future of education, and how we engage our students as leaders within our communitys.

Leading Questions:

  1. What are the most significant challenges educators and education are facing today? Why? And how can we combat that?
  2. How does student’s voice and choice play a role in your plan?
  3. How will your innovation plan help prepare students to be global citizens?
  4. What is the best educational technology professional learning you have experienced? Why? 
  5. In a perfect world, how do you imagine your innovation plan expanding? No budgetary restrictions and whatever you need.

Having positive relationships with your students can assist them to be more motivated to succeed. Students put in more effort for teachers they like and teachers who are passionate about what they’re teaching. Students’ motivation to perform is an all time low when they do not recognize the connection between their schoolwork and their futures. It is vital to give teachers time to create relevant and meaningful work for students. Among our discussions was a focus on student motivation, meaningful work, and giving teachers time to master a few skills before adding more to their workload. When teachers are overwhelmed with a constant array of checklist items to submit to administration, consequently they have little to no time to meet with colleagues to plan authentic and meaningful lessons. And of course, who pays the price? The students!

The podcast recording was an amazing experience that allowed me to learn a lot from my peers. I had the impression that we were actually face-to-face in class, discussing important topics as traditional students would. All partners win when teachers are afforded time to meet and share techniques, ideas, resources, and brainstorm ideas. My opinions regarding outstanding practices for students and education were reaffirmed with our meeting of the minds.

I truly hope that you like our conversation on the podcast and find it enlightening!