Innovation Video

Young people hold the future in the palm of their hands. Yet so many have their potential locked in fears, insecurities and deep self doubt. Empowering our students with the necessary tools for the 21st century is paramount in our journey as educators. We can give our students the chance to collaborate, research, and investigate infinite possibilities. Through project-based learning, students can take full control of the learning. Through application development, teachers can open doors to the next generation of empowered thinkers.

Innovation Proposal

Are you interested in a learning model that uses project based learning to bring authentic learning opportunities to our students? Look at through my Innovation Proposal.

Literature Review

Take some time to garner a better understanding of where I’m coming from and what were planning by looking over the supporting literature. You wont be disappointed.

Implementation Outline

We do have an idea of when we would like to begin implementation.

Annotated Bibliography

Please take some time to view my other research with the insightful articles posted in my Annotated Bibliography

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