Innovation Proposal

The Apple – Mobile App Design (MAD)  

Coding Initiative

The Computer Science (CS) program at George Bush High School (BHS) has seen powerful growth over the last five years. In those years I have observed various constants amongst its students. CS students are young entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, innovators and are the future leaders of the world. Knowing all of this, it is time to bring a change to the world of Computer Science. That change comes in the form of mobile application development in pilot program called “The Apple – Mobile App Design (MAD) Coding Initiative”. 

In the past, the BHS graduating class of 2019 were the first group of students to venture on this path. Due to the technology available, we revealed that there was a lot to learn before we could bring app development to BHS.  students have longed for something in computer science that allows them to express their deeper interest and creative ideas. Every student has a unique idea, but at times lacks the means or resources in which to bring it to life.  

My proposal is to create a collaborative, after school cohort within your organization focusing on learning mobile app development with emphasis on student collaboration, computational thinking, business planning, and ownership. Students will be introduced to computer science concepts in the eighth grade that will help them better transition as incoming 9th grade students. On the high school level, the students will grow together as they advance through the Initiative and your organizations Computer Science program.  

Using Apple technology (that is already available on our campus) such as iPads and MacBook’s, students will have the chance to learn Apple’s premier programming language, Swift. With the sole purpose of allowing them to explore entrepreneurship, creative design, computational thinking, mathematical analysis, and a whole branch of other skills as they tackle real world problems through app development.  

The goal of this program is not just to develop mobile apps. Our goal is to create a system where students will be motivated, inspired and exhibit growth throughout their high school matriculation. In addition to using app development as a tool for growth, we will explore greater skills that will allow our students better opportunities as they prepare for college and the workforce beyond. If you have any further questions comments or ideas, I look forward to discussing this with you in our formal meeting. 

Thank You

Jarrett Lindsey