Synthesis of Applied Digital Learning

My year-long journey with the Applied Digital Learning (ADL) Masters of Education program has given me the opportunity to build a network of resources and tools aimed toward the development and implementation of Project-Based Learning in the computer science classroom.  

Since January 2021, I have created tools and methods for: 

As an educator, my learning philosophy not only represents the lesson I deliver to my learners but also who I am as a person. I’m always trying to REACH new objectives. REACH symbolizes my belief that true learning is possible when shared goals and ideals are pursued. 

Understanding my learning philosophy, as well as my desire to create a significant learning environment, will enable me to implement my big hairy audacious goal (BHAG), in which learners will create a mobile application using Apple’s Swift programming development platform, using a Project-Based Learning and Computational Thinking learning framework. 

Philosophy, environment, goals, and preparation are just a few components of a greater picture. As if they were twins, my students must be able to handle failure and success. Failure must be viewed as a chance to learn and improve. My learners will not have a basis to challenge themselves to always develop if I do not model the growth mindset. Success must be viewed as an opportunity to improve.  

Because of the knowledge I’ve learned, the ADL program has given me the confidence to execute change through significant learning environments in future work. One of the most significant lessons I’ve taken away from this program is to evaluate any strategy to see where others have succeeded and failed, as well as to be adaptable and amend my plans when things go awry.