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Pacing & Professional Learning

One of the biggest concerns that we have as educators is the attention span of our learners. In a traditional lecture-based format, some lectures can span 15 minutes with activities, while others span 30 to 45 minutes and then the following day is work. Creating shorter self-paced video content allows for greater in class instruction time. This concept was implemented during the early onset of … Continue reading Pacing & Professional Learning

The Power of the Growth Mindset

How can I help a learner develop a growth mindset? There are at least 100 diverse ways that this question can be approached. For starters, I must embody the growth mindset within myself. I must embrace my failures and shortcomings and accept them as growth opportunities. Secondly, I must be able to demonstrate this in the classroom. How do I demonstrate this in the classroom? This is where … Continue reading The Power of the Growth Mindset

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