Collaboration for the sake of collaboration

Adding activity’s doesn’t always guarantee learning. While Kinaesthetic learning is one of the many areas in which our  learners commit new material to memory, this method if not combined with meaningful investment on the learner simply means that they are just moving their arms or legs for an activity. Activities on Best Buy focused on a specific goal for the liner to achieve. That is how you maximize its potential and affect on students.  

Collaboration can be seen as a gray area in education. True, collaboration as an essential element of the workplace, most students consider collaboration a choir that doesn’t really give us the results that we want. Most students have an individualistic approach to their learning. They don’t see the collaborative efforts of teammates as effective unless it means giving answers to a test. This method of thinking must be not changed if our learners are to work towards the development of the most meaningful skill of collaboration.  

In the case of PD and the video. The largest inference I took from the video was the Community spirit embedded in those teachers. That alone is powerful enough to excite change. They’re PD representing the efforts needed to enhance the learning of their students. Each person had their role to play and that’s what made there PD meaningful.  

Another core component is reflection time. After training, we just leave and that’s the end of it. We don’t take the time to sit back and truly reflect on our learning and develop implementation goals towards returning to Campus. Adding a reflection and coloration component to any meaningful PD can increase its effectiveness in the long term of the school year and beyond.  


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