State Standards vs. Life Standards

When did it become acceptable to teach state standards instead of life standards? The single greatest fear I have in life is the dumbing down of America. We are making kids are better drones than actual critical thinkers. Douglas Thomas established early on in his video that, “learning is a natural process that happens every day from the day you’re born until you die.  It happens easily everywhere except in school.” This thought process is so critical to changing a child’s life yet is so easily overlooked. For eight hours of the day, students are with teachers. Where does that remaining time go? Before the age of 16 they are unable to go into the workforce. Mostly all their life experiences are dedicated to outside the school. And when they are with the teachers, we are teaching them not about life but how to pass a quality exam. Therefore, most of our students feel unprepared for life. It is honestly aggravating to even contemplate this antiquated method of thinking. Yet, this is our current time. This is what we live in in a day today basis and this is what our students living in a day today basis. 

As teachers, we are usually on the negative receiving end for deviating from the curriculum. Even as an extracurricular teacher, I still must maintain my focus regarding prepping students for the AP (Advanced Placement) examinations. With little to no deviation at all. I want my students to be able to learn affective programming tools and techniques. At the same time, I cannot teach them like a robot and regurgitate programming code to them. It had to be broken down in ways They can understand. My most favorite example is using gaming terminology to break down how coding is done. 

The lack of fun in learning is the Prevailing reason so many teachers feel burnt out. There is not a joy to teaching anymore because there is a greater focus on the content rather than the learner them self. There is a belief that through the energy of joy and happiness, one is capable of many different things. This applies to our students as well. Our students can since our energy and that energy can be transformative or destructive for them. Enthusiasm and an open mindset open more doors than pessimism and rigidness.  

Encouraging the right amount of play and enthusiasm in class can give a kid the passion and drive to move forward. Dr. H’s video on reigniting the learner’s mindset was I think one of the more pivotable moments.  

Being open to change the students’ environment and encourage a growth mindset while also engage them with why. Through these, authentic learning will happen 


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